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A Sanctuary in Nature is a place to completely reset your vibration. Our wellness programs are designed for anyone feeling the need to reset and reboot their life.  This could be in the realm of nutrition, exercise, technology addiction, recovery, inner peace and/or reclaiming the creativity you were born to express.  Our restorative healing home is a place to allow nature to nurture and feed you while you spend time reclaiming lost parts of yourself or simply decompressing.   The concept healer/giver/mother/friend heal thyself comes to mind.  By that I mean allow yourself to be nurtured by the environment, the flora and fauna and the beautiful song of nature.   Of course, this means no technology.    That's right,   no cell phones, no laptops...just you and nature and restorative organic food and juices.  

The healing home at A Sanctuary in Nature (located on the grounds of Finca Divina Vida) is about healing.   It is a luxury home where you will have your own private room and bath and where all of your meals are prepared for you.   The owner, Lisa, is an Advanced Certified Body Talk Practitioner and Instructor, an Energy Medical Intuitive and Lifestyle Coach Certified with Hippocrates Institute, a Family Systems Constellations Facilitator, a Certified Forest Bathing Guide and Certified Expressive Art Therapist. Sessions in all of these modalities are part of your stay at A Sanctuary in Nature.

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Lisa and her staff will design a meal plan that suits your healing and cleansing. The meals are delicious and designed to nurture your body while you nurture your soul spending time in Nature. Juice cleansing is also an option during your stay are supervised water cleanses if you so choose. Massage is a part of your stay here at A Sanctuary in Nature.

Expressive Art Therapy, meditation with horses and journaling are all part of the daily routine included in your stay.    


Wellness is a choice.  We hope you choose to spend sometime with us in nature, in ceremony, in creativity and in the stillness where you are bound to find peace.

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Your stay with us can be for the amount of time that is perfect for you. We offer a 48 detox weekend up to a week long stay or longer. Please contact us for availability and allow us to custom design your restorative journey back to yourself.  We have a variety of amazing food options including juice fasting, raw, vegan and vegetarian choices.  Our Chef will design exactly what you would like for your stay.

The contents of this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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