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About Divina Vida:

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As I took the trek up the winding, bumpy road to Divina Vida, I passed a few friendly faces. I learned that most of the people on the mountain were born and raised here and some of them work at Divina Vida where they share their knowledge of the plants and traditions of the mountain and also learn from Lisa, the owner, who is a lifelong learner and  a wealth of knowledge.
Visiting the finca is a welcoming experience. The horses take notice as you approach, the Mackaws or Toucans might fly in and squawk, the birds are always singing, the monkeys might chatter as they pass by, the insects buzz, and you will likely catch a glimpse of shimmering wings of the morpho 🦋 butterflies or other beautiful butterflies.The finca is abundant with fruit trees, and natural plants which are used on the farm to make teas, plant medicine, and chocolate.  In the evenings, the air is fragrant with the scent of the ylang  ylang tree.  The healing home is welcoming, the kitchen is inviting, the grounds are private.
You will awake to the sounds of the birds and retire to the lull of the night sounds. The rhythm is slow and relaxing.
It’s a wonderful place to unplug and rejuvenate.
I am thankful and grateful to know Lisa and spend time at Divina Vida.

Kim Hahn -Michigan


About our Chocolate

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Hi Lisa! I have some great news for you! Yesterday I was at a chocolate and wine tasting event in Halifax at a really beautiful hotel. I had 4 chocolate bars I had made from 4 different countries for tasting. Ucayali River Peru, Copan Honduras, Tabasco Mexico and yours my dear, DiVina Vida from the Rio Parrita region of Costa Rica! Yours was our top seller! People loved it.      Gabrielle Breault

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I have had the extreme pleasure of staying on two occasions for extended periods at Divina Vida Healing Center over the past several years. The environment is extremely comfortable and nurturing in every aspect. Waking up with the sun to the incredible sounds of birds and indigenous animals is heavenly. The food, company and services are amazing. I plan to travel again this upcoming February and look forward to this beautiful and peaceful "home away from home!"

Christina Williamson - Napa Valley, California


About Lisa

Lisa Morris is such a gifted healer and teacher.  Over the years she has helped me with many ailments from physical to emotional.  She is gentle, caring and powerful.  I have absolute faith in Lisa and trust her with my life and well-being.  Lisa is definitely one of the highest vibrational people I have ever known.
If you are considering her Costa Rica 10 Day Retreat, I highly encourage you to go.  You will be transformed.

Victoria, Napa, California


Lisa Morris is a skilled and intuitive healer. I have had many treatments with Lisa and her work on me has been very effective when other more traditional methods have failed. She is someone who cares deeply about your health. I highly recommend her to anyone,

Peter, Napa Valley, Californa

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