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Join us in the jungle to see first hand how cacao is grown, harvested, fermented, dried, roasted and turned into delicious chocolate.

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See how this beautiful tiny flower becomes some of the most sought after chocolate in Costa Rica for ceremony or specialty chocolate making.

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We have three options for your tour with us at Divina Vida Organic Farm:

Option 1:  Cacao trees, cacao processing and chocolate making.  This tour is about 2 hours and costs $25.00 per person

Option 2:  Cacao trees PLUS organic herbs and food forest educational walk, cacao processing and chocolate making.  This tour is about 3 hours and costs $30.00 per person and includes cuttings of different herbs and plants. 

Option 3:  Add an organic home cooked tico lunch to either tour about for $10.00 per person.


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Join Farm Manager Flory Garcia, third generation Cacao Farmer on our beautiful mountain, for a gentle walk through the cacao orchard and herb gardens to learn the importance of healthy soil....the foundation of fine chocolate.  Then, on to the details of fermentation and, like with wine, learn how this integral step is essential in the journey to fine chocolate.  All of our processing is done by hand with love and laughter.  You will then learn each detail and make your own chocolate blend.  We say you will then be able to take your creations home but happily, most people consume their delicacies on the spot!

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Our tours begin at 9:00 am and are scheduled by appointment only.  We will accommodate your schedule although we find this time to be ideal.   You can make your reservation by calling 506-8348-8286 or email your reservation.  We look forward to spending part of your day here on the farm with us.

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