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Costa Rica Ten Day Retreat Change Your Vibration - Reset Your Life Retreat

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Rumi said "life is a balance of hanging on and letting go"...

So, how do we balance the holding and the letting go?  It is certainly a process that we would love to discover with you through in our ten day, transformative retreat in the heart of the jungle of Costa Rica.   We find the elements necessary for transformation are

 Nature, Nutrition, Movement, Education, Healing Sessions, Meditation and Ceremony



Set high above the ocean floor in the beautiful Costa Rican Rainforest, Divina Vida Healing Center offers tranquility far away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist destinations.  That said, we are actually only about 20 minutes away from the pristine beaches of the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica between Jaco and Quepos, two of the country’s famous surfing and fishing tourist destinations respectively.


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Every day is filled with the rich abundance of fruits and vegetables from the farm and from neighboring organic farms.  37 different varieties of organic fruit grow year round here so, depending on the time of the year you find yourself here, you will always enjoy the very best.  We offer an abundant and creative vegan menu.  Fresh eggs, milk and butter are available in support of a vegetarian menu if you so desire. Part of changing your vibration is to let go of your dependency on packaged food and to embrace an organic, whole food lifestyle.  Whether you continue this practice when you return home or not, you will reset your vibration by giving yourself any amount of time on a whole plant based diet.

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 This is designed to meet the level of activity you are capable of. We encourage you to join us each morning for yoga and meditation, followed by a smoothie and then a gentle 45 minute walk on flat ground.   Adjustments to that could include water aerobics, dance and/or simple stretching.  While we do believe some movement each day is essential, we will absolutely match your comfort level with a gentle push to do a bit more.



  One of the fundamental ways to reset your life is to honestly evaluate where you are.  Without judgment or inner critic control, we will look deeply at those belief systems that are on automatic pilot and which continue to drive us to the same choices, the same conversations and the same limited and sometimes debilitating day after day processes that keep us from being all that we can be.  Many well developed tools for shifting these belief systems will be utilized for the maximum reset available in a 10 day program.  These include family systems constellation work, radical forgiveness work, chakra clearing, and one on one sessions with our highly skilled practitioners  to release the charge of stuck emotions and belief systems.  These belief systems and hidden emotions lie at the cellular level in your physical body and are often responsible for the choices we make that can keep our vibration low and our bodies feeling weak.

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Healing sessions

Your healing sessions will include a number of different techniques including BodyTalk, Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing bowls  and deep tissue massage.  Your retreat host Lisa is a practicing Energy Medicine Intuitive utilizing the whole system approach to wellbeing known as BodyTalk.  Lisa also utilizes training in Food and Spirit Nutrition, Family Systems Constellation Facilitation, Soul Collage Facilitation, Radical Forgiveness Facilitation and Equine Healing Therapy.    Jennifer Cribbs is a Certified Vibrational Healer practicing the ancient art of vibrational healing using the Tibetan Singing Bowls infused with healing intentions. She received her training in Kathmandu, Nepal at the Kathmandu Center of Healing. Her teacher was Shree Krishna Shahi, a 3rd generation Tibetan Singing Bowl Teacher and Sound Healer.  Jenny is also a certified yoga instructor and will lead each day with a gentle restorative yoga session.  Kuja Valari is trained in many different massage therapy modalities which she has beautifully synthesized into her own form of massage and healing.  Truly gifted and intuitive in her ability to read and heal the body.  Our vegan/vegetarian chef's life passion is to serve food that heals and transforms the body.   She has spent years mastering her craft and we are truly blessed to have her on staff for our retreats.  The organic fresh food is of the highest vibration available.  You will not be disappointed or hungry.

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  This is a vital and integral part of the reset of your life.  Learning, through breath, to quiet the mind and slow down the current rhythms that run you is a very important step.  We will show you how to integrate the necessary changes you are going through so that the mind and body can be in resonance.  We will start and end each day with a meditation and you will be encouraged to keep a daily journal to process the emotions that surface during your time here.


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We choose to embrace the ancient tradition of honor and gratitude through ceremony.  Our final activity of this retreat will be in cacao ceremony, honoring the new moon, honoring the plant spirit world, honoring and giving thanks for our time together and for the transformation and deep bonds that have been developed through our work together.  Please bring something with you that you would like infused with this blessing that you can take home with you as a token of the beauty of this experience.

Please see Retreat Pricing and Payments for more information or, contact Lisa at lisa.divinavida.co

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